2009 Minutes

Minutes of the Rousseau Association Business Meeting
June 27, 2009
Los Angeles, California

The President, Christopher Bertram, called the meeting to order.


Secretary-Treasurer Report: by Sally Campbell, delivered by John T. Scott

As of June 1, 2009, the Rousseau Association account contains $13,328.80.
This amount does not reflect current receipts and expenditures. The receipts include approximately $1500 in dues, conference fees, etc. The expenditures include a bill for $2700 from Rodopi for the volumes to be sent to members and a bill for $4709 to UCLA for housing fees. We therefore expect a balance of about $7000 after these items are resolved.

Publications Director Report: by John T. Scott

The Rousseau Association had two volumes recently published under its auspices. First, The Nature of Rousseau’s ‘Reveries’, edited by John O’Neal, appeared in Fall 2008 and was published by SVEC. Second, Rousseau and l’Infâme, edited by Ourida Mostefai and John T. Scott appeared in April 2009 and was published by Rodopi. Copies of both volumes have been sent to members whose dues are currently paid up.

The volume originating from the colloquium “Rousseau and the philosophes,” and edited by Michael O’Dea, is currently under submission at SVEC. He anticipates hearing from them in September or October.

Electronic Publications Director Report: by Zev Trachtenberg

The Rousseau Association website has been transferred from Barry University to the Université de Lyon III, under the direction of Michael O’Dea there. Michael’s goal is to develop the content of the website further, beginning by making it as fully bilingual as possible, and then adding content.

Future Colloquia:

2010: Philip Knee proposed to have the Rousseau Association panel(s) at the ASECS meeting on “Rousseau and Romanticism.” The proposal was approved.

2011: the membership approved Christopher Bertram’s proposal, first tentatively approved in 2007, to have the next colloquium at Bristol University on the subject of “Rousseau’s Republics/Les Républiques de Rousseau.” The colloquium would be likely held in late June.

2012: the membership supported James Swenson’s proposal to hold a colloquium on Rousseau’s tri-centenerary at Rutgers University. The colloquium would be centered around a smaller number of invited papers with respondents. The colloquium would be likely held in March.

2013: Byron Wells tentatively proposed to have the 2013 colloquium at Wake Forest University. The topic is not yet decided, but support was voiced for devoting it to Emile.


After a motion was approved for a slate of candidates, the membership unanimously approved the following election:

President: Michael O’Dea
Vice President: Zev Trachtenberg
Secretary-Treasurer: Jason Niedleman
Publications Director: James Swenson
Colloquium Director: Christopher Bertram

Other Business:

Jinx Roosevelt reported on assembling all of the Bulletins edited by Howard Cell for a long period during the first decade or more of the Association’s existence, and will have them scanned and made available to post on the website. Ourida Mostefai reminded everyone that today was the thirtieth anniversary of the existence of the Association.