2004 Minutes

Minutes of the 2004 Rousseau Association Business Meeting

ASECS meetings, Boston, MA, March 26, 2004

The meeting, held during the 2004 ASECS meetings in Boston, was attended by John T. Scott, President of the Rousseau Association; Byron Wells, Vice President; Ourida Mostefai, Director of Publications; and six other members.

The minutes of the 2003 Business Meeting were approved.

Laurence Cooper submitted the Secretary-Treasurer’s report. As of March 24, 2004, the Association’s assets totaled $7,976.38. None of this money will be needed to cover costs from the Oxford colloquium. Membership dues for 2004 continued to come in, so that the account should be somewhat over $8,000 in the near future. A large portion of these funds are ear-marked for purchasing volumes from the Voltaire Foundation for members who are currently paid-up in their dues. Membership numbers were approximately the same as the previous year.

A proposal by John C. O’Neal for holding the XIVth biennial colloquium in 2005 at Hamilton College was discussed and approved.