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2018 (March). The Rousseau Association at the ASECS Annual Meeting, Orlando, F.

Chair, Ourida Mostefai, Brown University, R.A. President


Carole Martin, Texas State University. 'Jean-Jacques at the Tuileries. The Place of the Walker in Rousseau's Dialogues'
Masano Yamashita, University of Colorado, Boulder, 'Rousseau and Pain Management'
James Swenson, Rutgers University, 'Editer les Affaires de Corse'.



2017, June 1st-3rd.
XXème colloque de la Rousseau Association,
At the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL,
sur le thème

Silence, The Implicit and the Unspoken in Rousseau
Silences, Implicites et Non-dits chez Rousseau

Organisatrice: Brigitte Weltman-Aron.
Conference program here / programme du colloque ici.


2015. July 20th-22nd.
XIXth Biennial Colloquiu (RA and International Adam Smith Society Joint Colloquium)
Rousseau and Adam Smith
At the University of Glasgow (Scotland)
Organiser: Craig Smith, University of Glasgow.
Colloquium website here.

Conference report by Chris Bertram:

"In recent years there has been a flurry of new scholarship on the intellectual relationship between Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith, with works by scholars such as Ryan Hanley, Charles Griswold, Denis Rasmussen and Istvan Hont appearing. That there was some connection has long been known, as Smith famously reviewed the Discourse on Inequality for the Edinburgh Review and incorporates some of that work in The Theory of Moral Sentiments, but it has only recently that an intellectual industry has sprung up. The conference was an opportunity to explore that alleged link and, as such, it was a welcome one.

The conference marked an unprecedented departure for the Rousseau Association also, as it was the first time we have co-sponsored a conference in place of our biennial colloquium and the event departed from our usual practice in a number of ways, with the topic being less focused than usual and with the conference running concurrent sessions, as opposed to having everything in plenary format.

The conference began with a wine reception in the rather magnificent Hunterian Museum, with brief addresses by the curator of the Hunterian, and by our host and conference organizer, Dr Craig Smith. This was followed by two days of non-stop panels on a vast range of topics including "Rousseau and Smith on Music and the Imitative Arts", "Smith and Rousseau on Justice", "Smith and Rousseau: Education and Virtue", "Smith and Rousseau on Spectatorship", "Commercial Society", "The Moral Sentiments", "Smith and Rousseau on Government", "Smith and Rousseau on Autonomy", and "Sympathy/Pitie". (There were also a number of Smith-only panels.) It would be impossible here to summarize the range of individual contributions, made both by stalwart members of the Association and by others. Three have stuck particularly in my mind, though: Byron Davies on "The Insult of Not Being Believed" was a very engaging attempt to link Rousseau's concerns with truth-telling and communication to modern discussions of epistemic injustice and social and racial inequality; Jinx and Frank Roosevelt's double-act (their first in 52 years of marriage!) on Smith and Rousseau on education; and Mark Hulliung's determined effort at pouring cold water on the very idea that Rousseau was a big influence on Smith. Finally, I should mention the closing address by Charles Griswold (who, contra Hulliung, thinks such a connection established) which was a brilliant and subtle exploration of the different attitudes of Smith and Rousseau to the way in which commercial society shapes the self and whether we should see this shaping as a good thing or as a catastrophic loss of freedom and authenticity.

At the end of the first full day of the conference, we were able to examine a number of texts by Smith, Rousseau and others in the special collections of the University of Glasgow (as well as to enjoy the magnificent view from the library tower). The conference concluded with a fabulous dinner in the the neo-Gothic Randolph Hall.

The conference also provided an opportunity for Rousseauistes to meet both informally and in our business meeting to explore the situation of the Association and how we might develop it in future. The business meeting elected new officers and reduced the annual subscription (to $20 full/ $10 students and retired). We also discussed making more of the Association's online presence, particularly the Facebook page and the main website (with its extensive Rousseau resources). The business meeting approvedthe University of Florida, Gainesville, as the venue for the 2017 Colloquium on the topic "Silences et non-dits chez Rousseau / Silence, the Implicit and the Unspoken in Rousseau.", with Brigitte Weltman-Aron elected as conference organizer. Ourida Mostefai was elected President, John Scott as Vice-President, Jason Neidleman as Secretary/Treasurer and Michael O'Dea as webmaster.

All in all the conference was a very positive experience. Smithians and Rousseauistes mixed amicably enough, though the two groups displayed (as a rough approximation) contrasting styles and modes of being, perhaps reflecting the different groups of people that each thinker exercised a fascination for. It is a matter of some regret for a supposedly bilingual Association that only two papers - those by Iago Ramos (Salamanca)and by Mauro Dela Bandera Arco Junior (University of Sao Paolo) - were delivered in French, and there was a paucity of Francophone scholars present. We shall undoubtely want to remedy this at our next Colloque as well as returning to our preferred plenary format. I shall be thinking about the various idea on Smith and Rousseau discussed at the conference for a long time to come, and I'm grateful both for this and for the impetus the conference gave me to better acquaint myself with Adam Smith's writings and to reflect on the similarities and differences with Jean-Jacques."

Christopher Bertram (University of Bristol)

2016. March 2016.
The Rousseau Association at the ASECS Annual Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA)
Rousseau and Diderot: Collaboration and Conflict in the Enlightenment I
Chair: Carole Martin, Texas State University, San Marcos.
Chloe Edmondson, Stanford Universit,
"Rousseau and Diderot: Pillars of the Paradox of the Passions."
Laurence Marie-Sacks, French Embassy in the US / CRLC Paris-Sorbonne,
"Becoming "passionate in cold blood' ": Rousseau and Diderot on acting."
Brigitte Weltman-Aron, The University of Florida,
"Passion and Theater in Rousseau and Diderot."
Rousseau and Diderot: Collaboration and Conflict in the Enlightenment II
Chair: Ourida Mostefai, Brown University
Maria Gullstam, Stockholm University,
"Spectators in Dialogue: Rousseau, Diderot and the Theatre."
Carole Martin, Texas State University, San Marcos,
"Critique du portrait pictural et auto-portrait dans les "promenades" de Diderot et de Rousseau."
Pierre Saint-Amand, Brown University,
"Cantate du Méchant."

2015. March 2015
The Rousseau Association at the ASECS Annual Meeting (Los Angeles, CA)
"Themes from Smith and Rousseau" 
Chair : Ourida Mostefai, Brown University
Hina Nazar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
"Rethinking Autonomy: Rousseau and Adam Smith"
Masano Yamashita, University of Colorado, Boulder,
"The Spectacle of Poverty in the Moral Theories of Rousseau and Smith"
Adam Potkay, The College of William & Mary
"Pity and Gratitude in Rousseau and Adam Smith"

2014. Thursday March 20th
The Rousseau Association at the ASECS Annual Meeting (Williamsburg, VA)
"New Approaches to Rousseau"
Chair: Carole F. MARTIN, Texas State University
1. Thomas SPITTAEL, Ghent University, "Advertising Rousseau on the
London Book Market: Eighteenth-Century Translations of the Discours
sur les Sciences et les Art
2. Patrick COLEMAN, University of California, Los Angeles,
"Rethinking Civil Religion"
3. Blaise BACHOFEN, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, "Entre homme
'absolu' et homme 'relatif' : les modalités ambiguës du rapport à

2013. June 27th-29th:
XVIIIth Biennial RA Colloquium: Revisiting Emile / Retour sur Emile
Colloquium at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC.
Organiser: Prof. Byron Wells.
Colloque à la Wake Forest University, Caroline du Nord, organisé par le pr. Byron Wells.

2013. April 5th-6th
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The Rousseau Association at ASECS / La Rousseau Association à la réunion annuelle dela Société américaine d'étude du XVIIIe siècle
Friday April 5th, 11.30 am - 1 pm.. Rousseau Association Panel I at the ASECS Annual Meeting.
"Rousseau's Emile" – I.
Chair: Byron R. WELLS, Wake Forest University
1. Mary TROUILLE, Illinois State University, "The Paradox of Sophie and Julie: Discontinuities in Rousseau's Views on Women's Education"
2. Kristine JENNINGS, Binghamton University, State University of New York, "Educating Empfindsamkeit: Rousseau, Women, and the Novel in Eighteenth-Century Germany"
3. Karen PAGANI, University of Texas at Austin, "Reconciling (and) Subjective Identity in Les Solitaires"
Saturday April 6th, 2 - 3.30 pm.
Rousseau Association Panel II at the ASECS Annual Meeting.
"Rousseau's Emile" – II.
Chair: Byron R. WELLS, Wake Forest University
1. Preea LEELAH, Oberlin College, "Rousseau Against the Philosophes and the Church: Understanding Emile's Religious Education"
2. Gabor GELLERI, National University of Ireland, Galway, "Emile et l'art du voyage': Rousseau and the Apodemic Tradition"
3. Roger Mathew GRANT, University of Oregon, "Rousseau's Solfège Polemic"
4. Avi LIFSCHITZ, University College London, "The Language of Signs: How to Persuade Without Convincing"

2012. December 13-15, 2012
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA:
Tercentenary Conference held by the Colorado College and the Rousseau Association:
"The Enduring Challenge of Rousseau's Thought"
"La pensée de Rousseau: un défi permanent".

At the Colorado College. Organiser: Prof. Eve Grace.
Call for papers here. Appel à communications ici.
Conference program here. Voir le programme du colloque ici.

2012. Rousseau Association panel at ASECS meeting in San Antonio, Texas, March 22nd-24th :" Rousseau at 300."
Séance de l'Association à la réunion annuelle de l'ASECS (Association américaine d'étude du dix-huitième siècle) à San Antonio, Texas, 22-24 mars 2012: "Rousseau à 300 ans."

Chair: Byron R. WELLS, Wake Forest University
1. Mira MORGENSTERN, The City College of New York, “Un/Civil
Religion? Belief and Alienation in Rousseau”
2. Zeina HAKIM, Tufts University, “L’Examen critique de l’Histoire chez
3. Lee MACLEAN, Carleton University, “Desire, Decision, and Faculty:
Rousseau’s General Will as a Form of Will”
4. Tali ZECHORY, Harvard University, “Doubting Thomas, Knowing
Jean-Jacques: Visual and Tactile Perception in Rousseau’s Dialogues

2011. XVIIth Biennial Colloquium of the Rousseau Association.
University of Bristol, England.
July 21st-23rd, 2011.
Rousseau's Republics / Les Républiques de Rousseau

2011. Rousseau Association panel at ASECS (Vancouver, BC).Friday March 18th, 9.45-11.15 a.m. Rousseau's Republics / Les républiques de Rousseau. Speakers: Marie-Hélène Huet, Jacques Berchtold, Michael Winston, Rudy Le Menthéour. Chair: Ourida Mostefai. Followed by Rousseau Association Business Meeting.

2009. XVIth Biennial Colloquium of the Rousseau Association
Los Angeles, California, USA
25-27 June, 2009
Rousseau's Legacies/ Fortunes de Rousseau
The Rousseau Association came to Los Angeles on the invitation of the UCLA Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies. Twenty-four papers covered such topics as education, politics, nature, marginality, music, the self, and the influence of Rousseau on (among others) Adam Smith and Tolstoy. The congenial surroundings of UCLA also gave many opportunities for informal discussion and exchange.

2008. Rousseau Association Panels at ASECS
Portland, Oregon
March 27 - 30, 2008
Rousseau’s Lettre à d’Alembert sur les spectacles

2007. XVth Biennial Colloquium of the Rousseau Association
Hosted by the LIRE XVIIIème siècle research group, Université de Lyon II, Lyon, France
June 28th to 30th, 2007
Rousseau and the Philosophes / Rousseau et les philosophes
The Rousseau Association came to Lyon on the invitation of the eighteenth-century team of the research group LIRE (Litteratures, Ideologies, Representations), which is jointly funded by the CNRS (French National Research Council) and Lyon II University. The colloquium was held in central Lyon, at the university and in the Institute for Human Sciences nearby. In addition to the academic program, we had some pleasant evenings together, and visited Chambéry and Les Charmettes after the conference. This was the Rousseau Association's first colloquium in France, held in a city that Rousseau visited frequently and knew well.

2005. XIVth Biennial Colloquium of the Rousseau Association
Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
June 9-12, 2005
The Nature of the Reveries: A colloquium on Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Rêveries du promeneur solitaire (1782)
The 2005 colloquium of the Rousseau Association, "The Nature of the Reveries," brought 32 Rousseau scholars from across the US as well as from Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Hong Kong to the beautiful campus of Hamilton College in upstate New York. In addition to hearing the 27 papers given in plenary session, attendees viewed a special exhibition presented at Hamilton’s Emerson Art Gallery entitled “Nature as Refuge: From Rousseau's Cascade to Central New York's Trenton Falls,” which used images of local natural wonders to illustrate the influence of Rousseau's ideas, especially those found in The Reveries of the Solitary Walker, on the way people have regarded nature since the nineteenth century.

2005. Rousseau Association Panels at ASECS
Las Vegas, Nevada
March 31-April 3, 2005
The Discours sur l'inégalité After 250 Years

2003. XIIIth Biennial Colloquium of the Rousseau Association
St. Hugh’s College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
26-29 June, 2003
Rousseau, Voltaire, and Fanaticism



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