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Minutes of the 2006 Rousseau Association Business Meeting

The minutes of the 2005 Business Meeting were approved.

Sally Campbell submitted the Secretary-Treasurer’s report. As of the end of 2006, the Association’s assets totaled $10,852.69. Somewhat less than half of these funds were generated by the 2005 colloquium, through registration fees and through generous funding from Hamilton College for the purposes of publishing the resulting volume. A large portion of these assets will be used in the next year or so to fund purchases of the edited volumes based on Association
colloquia for members. Membership numbers were approximately the same as the previous year.

John Scott presented the Publications Director report. He was pleased to report the acceptance of an edited volume based on the 2005 colloquium, edited by John C. O’Neal, and scheduled for publication in early 2008. He also announced that the volume based on the 2004 Rousseau Association colloquium in Oxford, and edited by Ourida Mostefai and John Scott, was under review.

Byron Wells presented the President’s report.

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