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Portraits of Rousseau

LaTour Portrait (as redone by Gerard, Armenian costume, color, JPEG, 17K)

LaTour Portrait (as above, GIF, 107K)

La Tour Portrait (as above, Gif, B&W, 98K)

Another Portrait (B&W, Gif,189K)

Another Portrait (B&W, Gif, 60K)

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People in Rousseau's Life

JJR's Grandfather ,David Rousseau

David Hume

JJR's Father, Isaac Rousseau

Mme. Dupin

Mme de Warens

St. Lambert

Therese Levasseur


Denis Diderot

George Keith

Melchior Grimm


Mme D'Epinay

Mme. Boy de la Tour

Sophy d'Houdetot

James Boswell




Mme de Luxembourg

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Places Important to Rousseau

Birthplace in Geneva : 40 Grand'Rue (now the Espace Rousseau).

Scenes from Les Charmettes
[exterior] 1, 2
[interior] 1, 2

Scenes from Montmorency

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Depictions of Scenes from Rousseau's Life

The Tree in Bossy (Confessions, Bk. 1)

An Afternoon with Two Young Ladies (Confessions

Rousseau and Bacle

Rousseau the Botanist

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Depictions of Scenes from Rousseau's Works

The race for the cakes in Emile

Emile as gardener

The Kiss in La Nouvelle Heloise

The Death of Julie, La Nouvelle Heloise

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